Services for Seniors

Are you downsizing, but do not know where to start or have the ability to do so on your own?

You may be selling and moving to a smaller home or retirement centre.  Perhaps you are staying in place, would like to maintain your independence, and simply need assistance from time-to-time with items you are unable to deal with.

Perhaps you simply need assistance with a decor refresher and help managing your outdoor spaces.

Home Staging, Interior Decorating, Professional Organizing, and Outdoor Space services to assist you with your projects.  We listen to your needs and vision, learn about your use for the space and functionality goals, and provide ideas and solutions for your project.


Living Room AfterHome Staging  services to assist you with presenting your home at its best.

You want to obtain the best return on your investment, you want your home to sell quickly, and for the highest price possible.

Staging services to make your listing stand out from the crowd.  We provide Staging services for occupied and vacant homes.  Services to suit your needs and budget




Using glass in design

Some home owners, especially seniors, find the process of downsizing from a larger home to a smaller home to be very difficult.

Professional Organizing   services to assist you to downsize with ease.

Sorting through items to determine what you no longer need, what you would like to keep, what to donate, and recommendations for items that may fit best in your new home.


Perhaps your organizing challenges are on a much smaller scale.

  • Sewing and craft rooms you cannot work in because it is not organized.
  • A basement that has stuff stacked up and all over the place.
  • A garage that has stuff parked in it instead of your car.
  • Mobility challenges the prevent you from being able to deal with all the stuff you have collected over the years.

Organizing services to assist you with conquering the clutter and organizing your space so it is safe and enjoyable to be in.


Living Room AfterMoving to a New Home

Moving can be very stressful.

Perhaps you are unable to set up your new home due to mobility challenges.  Placing furniture and accessories, from a previous home, can be a challenge for many home owners.

Our Move-In services may be a perfect option for you.  Assisting with unpacking, setting up, space planning and furniture arrangements, placing accessories, lighting arrangements, and other decor choices are just some of the services we provide.


An Example of Services for Seniors

We recently assisted a client, who is a senior, with a number of services.Decorating with metal and glass

The client was selling her home due to stairs and mobility challenges. She wants to stay independent and live in her own home.

She simply needs assistance, from time to time, with items she is unable to deal with. These are the items we assisted her with.

Staging her home for sale.   She has purchased another home and is moving into it.


Sorting through items she no longer uses or needs, taking those items to donation centres, and packing other possessions for the move.

Clearing her patio of pots of flowers that were no longer blooming or growing.  Cleaning the patio area and moving her outdoor furniture.
Kitchen Window

Unpacking and setting up her new home.  Ensuring the kitchen was organized in a way to meet her mobility challenges. Organizing and setting up her walk-in closet.  The movers placed her clothes on shelves, but items were not easy to find.

Setting up the furniture, hanging artwork, and placing accessories so the empty spaces became a home.

We also returned to remove and pack the ornaments from her Christmas tree. The holiday season was over and her family had returned to their home on the East Coast of the US.


Décor Refresher

Would you like to refresh your décor, but do not know where to start or have the ability to do so on your own?

We can help you with  Interior Decorating  including:3

Space planning and furniture placement.

Set up of artwork and accessories.

Arrange for cleaning, painting, and handyman services.

Storage solution, – selections that fit the decor of the room.

Sourcing and shopping services for your decor needs.



Outdoor Spaces


Services to help you select and set up your deck furniture, plants, and accessories for your   outdoor space.  Giving you the freedom to get out and enjoy your space.

We provide advice and set up for easy maintenance of plants and planters so you can enjoy your mini-garden of veggies or flowers.

We return in the fall to take down, clean, and put away your items.


We ensure your project reflects your style and works with your lifestyle. Discounts for Seniors and Military personnel are available.  Gift certificates are available and make a thoughtful gift for anyone looking for our services   (Pricing).

We would love to hear from you regarding your project.

Contact us for more information.  It will be our pleasure to work with you to improve your home and outdoor spaces.

It’s Your Style, Your Project, and Our Expertise – A Winning Combination!

Armellas Style In Design is a multi-service company.  Services include   Staging   Interior Decorating   Professional Organizing   and   Curb Appeal.  Services for   Real Estate Agents, as well as  Business & Professionals.   DIY options are available for most services.  Risk management includes Work Safe BC (WCB) coverage and liability insurance.  Learn more on our   About us   page.