Staging for Real Estate Agents

Staging for Real Estate Agents

Staging for Real Estate Agents

Home Staging has become an important promotional/sales tool for Real Estate Agents and gives an advantage in a very competitive market.


Our Staging, Curb Appeal, & Professional Organizing Services Help You Help Clients to Sell Fast

As a REALTOR®, you understand the importance of presenting a home at its best for the selling process and provide advice and check lists to assist clients to prepare their home for sale. Those services can be complemented with our Staging services.


When you use our Staging Services we Present Your Client’s Home at Its Best and

Staging - living room


Help You to reduce the amount of time you spend on Staging, save you time working with your client, and help you to get the listing on the market faster.

Help Your Client to prepare their home for sale with a combination of Staging,   Curb Appeal, and  Organizing  services.


Successful Sales – Occupied Homes

We recently assisted two home owners with preparing their homes for a successful sale.  Both homes sold – one within a week and one within a month.

What our clients are saying about Staging their home for a successful sale.

“Sharon worked with us to prepare our home for sale.  The transformation was amazing; wish we had completed the changes/improvements a long time ago!  Our house had 8 viewings and 2 offers within 5 days after listing it! We sold in under a week.  I would definitely recommend Sharon, her suggestions definitely influenced how well our home showed”  Carole – Campbell River

“Sharon helped us when our house was on the market.  She was very creative with her ideas and made suggestions for what we had to do in order to make our home more appealing.  Sharon utilized what we had in our home and made recommendations for furniture placement and décor changes that cost very little.  Our home sold within a month!  We were very thankful for Sharon’s expertise and very pleased with the results.”  Mike and Alicia


Staging Services for Occupied and Vacant homes

Occupied Homes.  

We work with your client to maximize the impact and presentation of their home for the market.

Recommendations are made for cosmetic changes to prepare your client’s home with the least stress possible.1 Your client can choose to complete the work on their own or we can assist them with organizing the completion of the work to be done.

The Staging Consultation consists of a walk-through of the interior and exterior of your client’s home. Your client will be provided with recommendations, customized to their home, to assist them with preparing their home for the market.

Living Room After

The work to be completed for the recommended improvements is the next step.  We return to complete the Redesign and set the home up so it is Staged to sell.

For listings that are not moving – the Staging consultation can assist the home owner to re-evaluate how the home is set up and create new interest for the listing.


Vacant Home Staging

Staging your client’s vacant home enables buyers to envision themselves living in the home they are viewing.


The empty rooms will need to be presented in a way that enables buyers to see the great features your client’s home has to offer.

The first step is to meet with you or your client at the vacant home.

Recommendations and arrangements are made for furniture rentals for the home.



The next step is to set up the furniture, lighting, and accessories to transform your client’s vacant spaces into a home.

We provide the “final touch” to Stage your client’s vacant home and maximize curb appeal. Buyers will see the great features your client’s home has to offer.

See our Portfolio for samples of our Vacant Home Staging.


Staging to Stand Out from the Crowd

Living Room Dining AfterWe recently staged a vacant home using furniture with a bold, red colour. The colour works well in this style of home and adds a dynamic element to the room.

The Staging guidelines are to use neutral colours to appeal to purchasers.

2 Living Room

Using neutral colours in this home would have been boring and would not be effective. When done correctly, colour can appeal to a wide selection of purchasers.

Staging this Vacant Home Delivered Results – A Sold Sign


The client’s comments on our Staging Services and a successful sale

“Sharon’s services for interior design & staging is a key reason that my home sold in just over a month.  Her interior design ideas and professionalism are outstanding.  She transformed my vacant house into a modern and fabulous showcase looking home.  Her ideas were also implemented for the house exterior, hugely improving curb appeal. Sharon ensured the whole process of furniture delivery/set up and its removal was stress free.  I highly recommend consulting with Sharon for her services in preparing your home to be showcased at its finest for attracting potential buyers.”  G Melizza – Comox


Staging Fees

For the Staging consultation and smaller Staging projects, the fee is based on an hourly rate. This is perfect for your clients who are looking for a smaller scope of services and are completing the work themselves.

If your client is looking for an occasional appointment throughout the process and would like a follow-up visit to ensure the home is set up and is Staged to sell, this option will work for them.Using glass in design

For larger Staging projects and packages, Full-Service Staging, and Vacant Home Staging, we provide an estimate of the project cost for your client’s approval.

This option works well for clients who have much larger projects and are looking for more in-depth assistance.

If you are covering the cost of the Staging services, please   contact us   to discuss your project and options that are available.


Staging Packages

Our Staging packages, listed below, may be a good fit for your client’s lifestyle, life circumstances, project, and budget that is available.

Full-Service Staging for Your Busy Clien2t.  Full-service Staging for clients who have a hectic schedule, cannot find the time, or simply prefer to have a professional prepare their home for sale.

This service includes: the Staging consultation, a meeting with the client to review and approve our recommendations, assist with arranging for the work to be done, and set up of the home so it is “show ready” for the web listing and to go onto the market.

Staging and Organizing package for the Absentee Owner. Staging services combined with Professional Organizing experience – all bundled into one package to alleviate the stress of preparing the home for sale from somewhere else.

Staging/Organizing services for your client who needs to sell a loved one’s home, has moved into a senior’s home, or owns here and lives somewhere else. This service is ideal for your client who is unable to deal with the home on their own or due to their location.

We complete the Staging consultation and provide pictures if necessary, review our recommendations with the home owner, have the owner approve the recommendations they feel comfortable with completing, assist with arranging for the work to be done, and send periodic updates. We ensure the furniture, accessories, artwork, and lighting is set up to appeal to the widest selection of perspective buyers.

Is your client downsizing to a smaller home?  See our   Professional Organizing and   Seniors pages for details.

Is your client moving into a new home?  See our  Interior Decorating  page for details.

We offer discounts for Seniors and for Military personnel.  Gift certificates are available and make a thoughtful gift for anyone looking for our services.(Pricing).


We would love to hear from you or your client regarding their Staging Project.

Contact us for more information. It will be our pleasure to work with you and your client to present their home at its best.

It’s Their Style, Their Project, and Our Expertise – A Winning Combination!

Armellas Style In Design is a multi-service company.   Services include:  Staging   Interior Decorating   Organizing   Curb Appeal.  Services for  Business & Professionals  and  Senior Services.  DIY   options are available for most services. Risk Management includes Work Safe BC (WCB) coverage, and carry liability insurance. Learn more on our  About us  page.